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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Silk N Disgrace

As I was getting to know my new surroundings during my freshman year at the University of Indianapolis, I happened upon Silk N Lace Gentleman's Show Club. What really caught my eye was the sign outside advertised that Silk N Lace trains amateur dancers.  I was fascinated and interested in this possibility much in the way I was fascinated and interested in traveling and living with carnies for a summer just to see what happens.  Skip ahead a few years later and I'm driving down Madison Avenue with some friends - we were probably coming from somewhere classy like Olive Garden or Old Navy.  I pointed out the sign  ( yes, still training amateurs!) and said something to the effect of, hey doesn't that sound like a funny thing to try?  Without hesitation or any hint of curiosity in their voices, Friend 1 and Friend 2 said, "No."  Um, ok.  I didn't want to be a stripper, guys are gross enough to be around when you have your clothes on; I just wanted to know what the life of someone who works there was like and how can I get some of those moves! 

Not one to let my dreams go unrealized, this past Friday night I took a  Cardio Striptease class at All About Dance in Chicago's Old Town neighborhood.  (This was my second attempt at taking this class - the first time I showed up too late for one session and too early for the other and was assured that the Cardio Hip Hop class would be awesome instead.  It was not awesome.)  I thought a lot about what to wear to the class, but settled on my favorite bamboo capri leggings and an old pink and white "Girls on Fast Wheels" t-shirt.  The instructor came in the room and she seemed too clean to be a Cardio Strip teacher.  I was hoping for some old reformed stripper who turned over a new leaf and decided to mesh her passion for stripping with the common decency of physical fitness and leave the stage for the dance studio.  Whatever.  I did appreciate that the enthusiastic instructor turned the lights down, it seemed to help turn down my humiliation that throughout the entire class I was not able to master the first move in the routine. Overall, the class was fun.  It was a really great workout and it helped to confirm that I am a horrible dancer ( I think I'm too tall or something).  The 'on the floor moves' left me with bruises up and down my legs and a cut near my knee from the cute zippers in my favorite bamboo capri leggings.  Final assessment- I did not miss any sort of calling as a dancer of any kind.  I had a great experience at All About Dance and would love to go back and maybe take a class with a friend.  *Disclaimer- I will only take a class with a friend who is a worse dancer than I am.