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Sunday, May 20, 2012

It's My Favorite, Because I Like It: Indianapolis
I am ambitiously calling this post the first in a series of It's My Favorite, Because I Like It lists.  "It's my favorite because I like it" is a phrase that I came to enjoy using while working at Misericordia Home, a campus that serves people with developmental disabilities.  I would have conversations with a friend of mine, who lives there, that went like this: "Frances, I like Coke."  "Why do you like Coke?"  "Because it is my favorite."  "Why is it your favorite?" "Because I like it!"  This is logic I can really get behind.  Therefore, I bring you five things that I really like in Indianapolis.

1. My Friends and Family   Too obvious? It is great to see them and I am always reminded that I don't see them enough!  Moving on.

2. 92.3 WTTS  This is hands-down my favorite radio station of all time. The station's self-description of "World Class Rock" pretty much sums it up.  After moving from Indianapolis, I missed this station so much that I have streamed it live on my computer everywhere I have lived since (a little less while in Chicago because WXRT was a real close second).  Thankfully, "they have an ap for that," and I can listen to it in my car too!  "No Woman No Cry" was the first song I heard on WTTS and I was hooked after that.  I like that this station plays bands that I literally never hear anywhere else.

3. The Fountain Square Neighborhood  On my most recent trip to Indianapolis, I stopped in Fountain Square for a little walk.  As I walked down the street, A guy in a V-neck t-shirt and a Kip Dynamite mustache walked toward me, and it hit me - Fountain Square is now hip!  Turning the corner, the words "Fresh!" and "Local!" beamed out from the window across the street.  Holy hipster. Next, I stumbled upon New Day Meadery.  If you are in the area, do yourself a favor and stop in for a honey cider tasting. Other little gems in and near the neighborhood are Garfield Park, Radio, Radio (where I saw the band Low Millions after hearing them on WTTS, see #2), and the Indianapolis Downtown Antique Mall (where I bought the suitcase that is now the suitcase table I have had in every apartment since!)

4. The Mini  Sure, the race has a big long sponsor name, but to most people it is just known as The Mini.  Seriously though, there is nothing mini about running 13.1 miles!  Running around the track at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is my favorite part of the race.  This year, as I entered the track, the Beastie Boys "Intergalactic" was playing (RIP MCA) and it was all very emotional.  This year was my cousin's first Mini and that picture above is us after the race!

5. The University of Indianapolis  Lots of love to my alma mater!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Coming Soon!

I recently moved away from my Sweet Home Chicago.  I joined my man in Madison where he is pursuing his dream and opening a restaurant.  
Corey and Chloe
He will soon be slinging sandwiches to Madison from the newest location of Erbert and Gerbert's.  You haven't heard of Erbert and Gerbert's?  Neither had I. It is a small company based in Wisconsin and apparently serves sandwiches that makes Wisconsin-ites (ers?) very happy.  The lit up eyes and excitement in the voices of the people that I tell about this newest location are the proof that I am basing this assumption on.  Construction is well on the way, but I took some shots of the spot for a little preview.  You can join Erbert and Gerbert's Flavor Nation on Facebook, of course.  
Miss Chloe kicking it in the sun
Can you see what street the shop is on?!  That's right, they even spelled my name correctly.