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Monday, June 18, 2012

New Glarus, WI....More Than Just Beer!

Who knew that New Glarus, famous for the cult favorite brew Spotted Cow, had so much charm?  Certainly not this girl.  Our day trip started with breakfast at a beautiful dairy farm. The farm breakfast was an event sponsored by the county Agricultural Department and part of Wisconsin's Dairy Days of Summer

While touring the farm, I met a chicken who I promptly named Collin.  I deemed that Collin had a pretty good life and at least one buddy.   (So, I live for a good opportunity to make a Portlandia reference! Here is a YouTube video of the Portlandia - Is it Local? which will make the naming of this chicken seem less random and more "normal"!)

Of course, we toured the New Glarus brewery and enjoyed some brews in the sunshine (current favorites are Totally Naked, Dancing Man Wheat, and Wisconsin Belgian Red).  The brewery is worth the trip to New Glarus, especially if you like the beer and you live out of state because you can't get it anywhere but here!  They like to play hard-to-get, and it seems like it works out alright for them. 

The second highlight of the trip to New Glarus, however, was the completely charming Old World Swiss town of New Glarus and our tour of the historic Swiss Village.  

The School house-I liked to imagine all of the bored little eyes that have stared out those windows over the years.

Always useful-the fire department and a mustache cup!

We ended the day strolling the downtown area of New Glarus and admired the Swiss Chalet style architecture and the completely inexpensive New Glarus beer on tap.  Seriously, when I asked for the bill for our mid-day beer break and saw that the total was $7.50, I told the bar tender that I would like to pay for both.  He was humored by, what I am sure was the confusion on my face, and proudly told me that $7.50 was the total for both.  Nice work New Glarus!