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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Harnessing a Wild Pup

Taking my Chloe dog for a walk is never a simple task- every walk is a total smelling expedition.  She has a strong-willed nose that leads her to finding garbage in the grass that she likes to eat (I can't tell you how many chicken bones this girl has had pulled out of her mouth), the puke pile by the hospital that has been there for weeks, and once a tamale! She is fast and loves to run and is a major leash puller.  So far, she has worn out one leather collar the leash that came home with her from the Anti-Cruelty Society is sadly just too short for this gal.  A pink nylon collar stood the test, but after a particularly tug-heavy walk, my sweet little pup's eyes turn red and she looks like a stoner.  I was happy to find the Martha Stewart Fabric Dog Harness and Leash set at PetSmart.  The fabric seemed sturdy and I just love the Houndstooth Check leash for my little hound.  Having a longer leash was like a dream come true and the harness really gives so much more control to the walker.  However, I am really disappointed that the harness and the leash are both losing some of their sturdy shine.  Chloe seems to be a bit too spunky for the materials and construction of both the harness and the leash.  When I checked back on to see product reviews, others either really loved the products or had exactly the same trouble as I have had.  The fabric is beginning to fray after only 3 months of use, the metal is losing its finish, and the fabric loops on the are really hard to use to secure the harness around the pup.  I think this particular harness and leash set might be better for dogs with a little less get-up-and-go because some of the reviews were really positive.  So, one thumb down.  One remains up due to the stylish nature of the set, the length of the leash, and the ease of using the clasp on the leash. The search continues...

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