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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Coming Soon!

I recently moved away from my Sweet Home Chicago.  I joined my man in Madison where he is pursuing his dream and opening a restaurant.  
Corey and Chloe
He will soon be slinging sandwiches to Madison from the newest location of Erbert and Gerbert's.  You haven't heard of Erbert and Gerbert's?  Neither had I. It is a small company based in Wisconsin and apparently serves sandwiches that makes Wisconsin-ites (ers?) very happy.  The lit up eyes and excitement in the voices of the people that I tell about this newest location are the proof that I am basing this assumption on.  Construction is well on the way, but I took some shots of the spot for a little preview.  You can join Erbert and Gerbert's Flavor Nation on Facebook, of course.  
Miss Chloe kicking it in the sun
Can you see what street the shop is on?!  That's right, they even spelled my name correctly. 

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